As indicated in the introduction our goal is not making money. We decided to charge for portraits as we are not able to handle the demand anymore. That's why we will donate one third of the charged fees to two institutions on an annual basis.


One institution is the ADEPT e.V.. Via this institution we will support the building of a girls’ dormitory on the Mugagga secondary school in Kkindu, Africa. Once the girls’ dormitory is built the school girls can stay at the school over the week. This is more secure and will help that girls get a proper education in Africa. We believe that this is one step to make sure that people from Africa do not need to leave the country/continent anymore.







In addition we want to support the WWF  Each year, more than 20,000 elephants in Africa become victims to unscrupulous poaching gangs for their valuable tusks. Illegal trafficking is the most lucrative business, alongside drug trafficking, human trafficking and piracy. It promises high profit with low risk, because for many species trade and poaching are trivial offenses, which are rarely punished. This year we would like to support this project so that not just we but also our kids are able to draw/portrait these awesome animals.