The basis of every good portrait is the source material.

That's why:


We need high quality pictures of your pet. Recordings from different perspectives will help shaping a great portrait. The best are jpegs or scans with at least 300 dpi.


Our artistic purpose is "Keeping Memories Alive". That's why we offer realistic but not photo-realistic drawings. We think, for this purpose, the printout of a photo would be sufficient or the better solution.


It is much more important to us to work out the peculiarities of your animal. We aim to provide you with an authentic portrait. Your animal certainly unique peculiarities and attitudes in which one recognizes it immediately. Pictures

that show those special features help to

make the portrait as realistic as possible.

Such special features should you indicate

to us. All information which is help us

meeting our ambition are welcome.


Remember - what we do not know

we cannot consider and incorporate.


Last but not least - if the pics be of

in-sufficient quality we ask for your

understanding that we reject orders.

We would like avoid mutual

disappointments on your as well as on our



Submit the request and photographs

by using this contact formOf course you

can also join us ask questions or send

information about your pet.

We usually answer within

from 24 hours.


To portray animals is our hobby and not our profession. We do that in our leisure time. The time required for a portrait depends on the size but also of the compexity. That's why it is

difficult for us meeting deadlines. If we receive a request on time we do our best to create the portrait in the desired timeframe. However, we can not guarantee that, also because quality should take precedence.