Who we are

We are twins and live in the heart of Germany. We are currently attending a high school.

The drawing we have largely taught ourselves. To further develop our techniques, we have been visiting an art studio once a week for many years. This helps us to get better and it is a lot of fun. Over time, we started to focus on animal and pet portraits. That was not the reason why we offer portraits.


Last year, our parents allowed us to set up our own Instagram account. An important decision, because without this step we would never have created this website. Today we have more than 2,000 followers and they get more. Through Instagram, we are in constant contact with people who share our love of animals around the world. We are also in regular contact with animal shelters. Very often we were asked to draw dogs, horses or other animals. By the end of last year, we have met most requests and have done so for free.


Meanwhile, it has become impossible to comply with all requests.