TwinsatArt - we specialized in detailed, pencil and pastel drawings. We prefer to draw the head of your pet, but if desired and possibly also draw the entire animal. For every image, no matter which motif, paper or pen type, we start with the preliminary drawing. 

It is important to work very carefully to get a realistic result in the end. After sketching the basic contours we are performing the fur structure. Step by step we are getting an overall view of the portrait and can perform corrections if parts of the drawing do not correspond to the original sufficiently. Then we draw the portrait in detail with different materials. 


With pastel crayons and pastel pencils, we can portray your animal in great detail and color in a very expressive way. The special thing about the pastel crayons are the different layers, the blurring of colors among each other and the luminosity of the colors. These peculiarities are particularly evident on dark paper. A pastel portrait should be framed, bearing in mind that there must be a little space between the portrait and the frame's glass so that the colors of the portrait do not weaken. This can be guaranteed with a passepartout.   



Watercolor Pencils:  

With these pens, we create a foundation, and then create a detailed portrait again. The watercolor pens have a strong luminosity and can also help to fine work or the working out of structures. But we use normal colored pencils. The end result is a realistic portrait, with two mixed techniques. The crayons and the watercolor painting.   



Colored pencils: 

With the crayons we can portray your animal in detail

and very realistically. This works with many different

layers of different colors in small strokes. The special

thing about it is, in contrast to the chalks, that they

are waterproof and smudge-proof. Also, the intensity

of the applied colors is very good and helps to

the realistic end result.   

You want to have your pet portrayed or you want someone unique To give a reminder? We can Help you with this. What we need are ideally, high-resolution color photos different perspectives. Based on your photos Can we tell you if we can draw the portrait? We want to fulfill your expectations. 

Interested? Ask? Take us over the form at the end the website contact us. We answer immediately. 

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