A3​     on demand

A4​     45 Euro

A5​     35 Euro

A6​     25 Euro

      Pastel Chalk Portrait

Expressive, detailed portraits with high luminosity on rough mostly colored background. Special feature is the blurring of colors.

A3​     on demand

A4​     40 Euro

A5​     30 Euro

A6​     20 Euro

Aquarelle Portrait

Combination of aquarelle and crayons make a realistic result.

A3​     on demand

A4​     50 Euro

A5​     40 Euro

A6​     30 Euro

Crayons Portrait

Higher degree of detail through more accurate drawing.

Surfaces such as hair and skin become more realistic.

A3​     75 Euro

A4​     50 Euro

Abstracted Portrait

Made with pastel chalk. The special feature is the abstraction of areas of the portrait..

Once you've chosen an art style we offer, you can contact us through Instagram or the website and submit your order to us.

However, before we begin with your order, we ask you to transfer 50% of the total price in advance, as a backup for us. Once we're done with the portrait, we'll contact you and send you a picture. If you like it and you would like to receive it, we ask you to transfer the other half of the price. Then we will send your portrait to you by mail.


Price surcharge for multiple images per image:

It is possible that we also draw several animals on a portrait in size A4 or A3, however, this desire is associated with extra costs and that in any art style, except the Special Portrait. There can be a maximum of one animal on a leaf.

For the pastel crayons, the watercolor technique and the fret pins, the price increase is as follows:


Two animals in one picture: + 50% of the price of the respective art style

Three animals in one picture: + 75% of the price of the respective art style


Shipping costs up to DIN A 4:

Within Germany: 6 €

International: 12 €

Please note that shipping to countries with customs clearance can take four weeks and more. The shipping of the original drawing is well protected from kinking in a sturdy packaging. We ship the drawings as a “Maxibrief” and by registered mail.


Payment Terms:

Basically we prefer payment in advance. In any case, we charge half of the amount in advance. The remaining 50 percent are due upon presentation of the preliminary subscription. After receipt of the final payment, the shipping takes place. We prefer payment via Paypal but you can also transfer directly to our account:

Commerzbank; BIC: DRESDEFXXXX; IBAN DE72 5008 0000 0713 3315 00.

We have the small business owner acc. § 19 UstG and therefore charge no value add tax.

That's why we cannot identify value add tax.



The client assures with the placing of the order, that he / she grants the image rights are with the purchaser of the portrait and therefore authorized to purchase the portrait. By submitting the recordings and placing the order, the client guarantees that no copyrights and personal rights are violated. If the performance of the contract is expected to be a breach of copyright or personal rights, the client is liable for legal and financial claims of third parties.



Texts and images on this website are the copyright of TWINSatART. The copyright remains after payment and shipping with TWINSatART. We reserve the right to use all our portraits for communicative purposes (website and social media). The use of the written and pictorial contents of this website as well as all portraits and designs requires the consent of TWINSatART. If approved, the name of TWINSatArt must be entered.


The clients agree with the award of the communicative use of the templates on this website as well as on our social media channels.